The tech hub that companies choose for their global operations

Thanks to its political, social and economic stability, its high degree of connectivity, technological development and innovation, and the best energy supply based on renewable sources in Latin America, Uruguay has positioned itself as the tech hub in the region that international and local companies choose for their global operations.

Our campus is located in a privileged place in Montevideo, just 5 minutes from Carrasco International Airport, 15 minutes from the residential neighborhood of Carrasco—close to the most exclusive gated communities—and 1.5 hours from Punta del Este. The park hosts over 500 companies from various industries, including leading companies in the provision of services and goods with a local, regional and international presence.

In an ideal business climate for development, from our campus companies are able to do business anywhere in the world and achieve the desired efficiency and results. Our services facilitate access to economies of scale, the standardization of processes and the optimization of costs and resources to drive growth.

The campus infrastructure can be adapted to the needs of our clients in line with the highest industry standards and requirements. Among other services, in the park, they find a solid logistics ecosystem, which enables them to manage their operations either directly or indirectly through more than 12 operators that provide a professional, comprehensive and tailor-made solution.

We offer world-class buildings, offices and meeting rooms under the free zone regime and otherwise; as well as common areas that encourage networking, Jardín Café, a golf driving range, a paddle tennis court, a fitness center and a running circuit.

With a focus on sustainability, we promote actions geared towards the responsible and efficient use of resources, reducing environmental impact and, above all, addressing climate change through mitigation, adaptation and neutralization measures. Our commitment to the environment is based on three pillars: Carbon Neutral, Zero Waste and Smart City.

We provide high-availability connectivity, 24/7 security, early detection and centralized monitoring of fires, water network for sprinklers, an on-site fire department and highly trained personnel.

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