Redundant Energy and Connectivity

Uruguay, strategically located in South America, is a neuralgic center for regional connectivity. The country has interconnection agreements with international operators, with swift and reliable access to global networks. Currently, Uruguay is ranked second worldwide among the countries with the highest share of renewable energies, according to the REN21 report (2021).
Energy availability, world-class connectivity, and economic and political stability make Uruguay a unique place to set up your business.

Uruguay, the Best Environment for your Business

Country in LATAM in data center development

2017, Inter-American Development Bank

Low risk of natural disasters

Natural Disaster Risk Index LAC

Country in LATAM ranked as full democracy

2021, The Economist

Country in LATAM with the lowest level of perceived corruption

2022, Transparency International

Country in LATAM leading the Transparency Index

2020, Transparency International

Country in LATAM leading the Political Rights and Civil Liberties Index

2021, Freedom House

Country in LATAM leading the Global Prosperity Index

2021, Legatum Institute

Country in LATAM leading the Rule of Law Index

2020, World Justice Project

Free circulation of foreign currency

No restrictions on repatriation of profits

Zonamerica, a Difference-Making Proposal for Your Data Center

Zonamerica has robust and scalable network connections linked to independent fiber optic routes. Additionally, it offers high-availability power supported by redundant substations.

Our Certifications

Location with Certified Solutions

ENERGY AUTONOMY: Zonamerica has energy independence and autonomy, two power stations, generators in every building, and solar panels.

SECURITY and SAFETY: Our campus has a CCTV circuit with over +300 cameras, an on-site fire brigade, and a network of fire sprinklers.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Connectivity

Carrier neutrality with redundant connectivity

Data centers connected through fiber rings

Uptime Institute certified facilities

Strategic alliances with CISCO, IBM, and HP

Efficient and redundant power and air conditioning system

Access control and CCTV

Technology Solutions at Your Company's Service

We offer world-class solutions that ensure flexibility and scalability to support the growth and development of your company.

Data Centers

Secure and robust local data centers strategically located to provide the best connection in Latin America.


Cybersecurity incident management, software security,
ethical hacking

24/7 Monitoring

Integrated monitoring center in Colombia and Uruguay providing support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hybrid cloud + connectivity

Our cloud is available for businesses to securely host information, corporate applications, and virtual environments.

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