A magnet for companies and talent

Our campus attracts more than 40% of Uruguay's free zone talent, hosting over 500 companies from diverse industries that generate an unparalleled business climate.
Be part of an ecosystem of world-class companies operating internationally while enjoying the tax benefits offered by free zones in Uruguay.

Uruguay, the best business climate

Country in LATAM deemed to be the most democratic

2021, The Economist

Country in LATAM with the lowest level of perceived corruption

2022, Transparency International

Country in LATAM leading the transparency Index

2020, Transparency International

Country in LATAM leading Politcal Rights and Civil Liberties Index

2021, Freedom House

Country in LATAM leading the Global Prosperity Index

2021, Legatum Institute

Country in LATAM leading the Rule of Law Index

2020, World Justice Project

No foreign exchange restrictions

No restricciones on the repatriation of profits

+225.000 technical college and university students

82% speak English - 43% speak Portuguese

From Uruguay
to the Americas

Buenos Aires 1:00 HRS 24 HRS
Porto Alegre 1:30 HRS 24-48 HRS
Río de Janeiro 4:00 HRS 72-96 HRS
São Paulo 2:30 HRS 72-96 HRS
Asunción 2:00 HRS 72-96 HRS
Santiago 2:30 HRS 72-96 HRS

Ideal work environment

We focus on providing companies and professionals with the best work-life balance. Our campus offers the perfect conditions to promote community well-being and synergy. A business hub that attracts and empowers talent.

Join an ecosystem of world-class companies

Partners in talent management

We add value to your business by managing your human capital.

HIRING: We use agile and effective recruitment tools and methodologies to find highly qualified talent who are ready to take the next step in their career.

TALENT EXPERIENCE: As partners we will work hand and in hand with you to create memorable experiences for your employees.

TRAINING: We offer customized solutions for the development of training programs for your employees. This service covers all stages of the learning process.

Located in our campus HOLBERTON SCHOOL trained IT talent using a unique and effective approach with a successful methodology. Each year, more than 150 bilingual students graduate in Foundations of Computer Science with an employability rate of over 98%.

Cutting-edge technology and connectivity

Carrier neutral facilities with redundant network connectivity

24/7 on-site help desk

Datacenter connected through fiber rings

Facilities certified by the Uptime Institute

Strategic alliances with CISCO, IBM and HP

Efficient and redundant power and cooling system

Access control and CCTV

Co-location and cloud services

A platform designed to meet the needs of technology companies

Our world-class solutions ensure flexibility and scalability to support your company's growth and development.


Secure and robust local data centers strategically located to provide the best connection in Latin America.


Cybersecurity incident management; software security; ethical hacking.

24/7 Monitoring

Integrated monitoring center in Colombia and Uruguay providing support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hybrid cloud + connectivity

Our cloud is available for businesses to securely host information, corporate applications, and virtual environments.

Virtual PCs and servers

Our clients’ teams can work from anywhere in the world using their tools, communication channels and systems, in a continuous and secure way.

Desarrollo ágil / Staff Augmentation

Contamos con un equipo de desarrollo con expertise en proyectos de software a medida.

Training for digital transformation

We provide customized training in new technologies based on international training programs.


We designed a digital district that maximizes the use of resources through innovative technologies.tecnologías innovadoras.


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