A modern, efficient and secure multi-industry HUB.

ZONAMERICA hosts more than 500 companies

All tenant companies, from multinationals to startups, benefit from unparalleled access to world-class business services, networking and infrastructure.

The gateway
to the continent

Integrate all the solutions your company needs to manage inventories, reduce costs and optimize lead times in the region into one solid hub.

Over 12 of the region's leading logistics operators
to help new business flourish

Regional distribution center

A world-class one stop

Take full advantage of our value proposition to reduce costs and lead times in Latin America.

Integrate activities related to supply chain, QA, procurement and shared services with tax benefits.

Efficiency in terms of inventory levels

Reduced lead times

Variety of transport times

Supplying markets according to needs

Scalability and flexibility

Easy access to different infrastructures

Efficiency of the logistics chain in general

Efficiencies in cost management

Efficiencies in financial management of operations

Reduced tax payments

From Uruguay
to the Americas

Buenos Aires 1:00 hr 24 hrs 1 day
Porto Alegre 1:30 hrs 24-48 hrs 2 days
Rio de Janeiro 4:00 hrs 72-96 hrs 5-6 days
São Paulo 2:30 hrs 72-96 hrs 4-5 days
Asunción 2:00 hrs 72-96 hrs 10 days
Santiago 2:30 hrs 72-96 hrs 18 days

Certified safety and energy assurance for logistic operations

Energy autonomy

2 UTE power stations

Independence and autonomy


In every building and warehouse

Solar source

Photovoltaic power station


+300 cameras

CCTV circuit


On-site fire brigade in the park


Fire sprinkler system

Controlled temperature

Monitored sensitive stocks

Physical teams

Personnel available 24/7

Remote monitoring

Connected to your mobile devices


Inventory control

Physical and virtual


Certified interconnection HUB

Hybrid cloud

Connected to Google Services

Mobile Monitoring


International certifications

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