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As a country with a long tradition in the pharmaceutical industry, Uruguay has become a hub characterized by a number of factors that help to boost the sector. Qualified talent, competitive costs, top-level infrastructure and the benefits of a free trade zone scheme make up a dynamic and innovative pharmaceutical ecosystem that includes sectors such as foods, veterinary products, therapeutic cannabis medicinal products and clinical analysis laboratories.

The companies based in our campus account for more than 70%*¹ of the exports of the pharmaceutical industry in Uruguay, forming a solid ecosystem where pharmaceutical companies, distribution centers, clinical analysis laboratories and other industry players coexist, all of which find in the campus an adequate, flexible and scalable infrastructure for the conduct of their business.

It is located in Montevideo, just 5 minutes from Carrasco International Airport and 40 minutes from the Port of Montevideo, with a privileged location that enables easy access to the most important markets in the region, where 68% of LATAM’s GDP is concentrated.*² Our location allows access to the region’s markets through different means of transportation, creating efficiencies in inventory levels, reducing delivery times and costs, and achieving a strategic supply, which is so relevant in this day and age.

We provide an ecosystem where our clients obtain solutions tailored to their needs. Our scalable and flexible real estate solutions enable the development of a booming industry by meeting market requirements.

Clients have the possibility of running their own operations or operating through one of the over 12 logistics operators located on campus, benefiting from their extensive experience, flexibility and professionalism.

We provide an inventory management system integrated to the national Customs system, which enables you to manage the entry, exit and control of goods.

Our technology and telecommunications services include high-availability connectivity, 24/7 security, early detection and centralized monitoring of fires, water network for sprinklers, an on-site fire department and highly trained personnel.

We promote actions geared towards the responsible and efficient use of resources, reducing environmental impact and, above all, addressing climate change through mitigation, adaptation and neutralization measures. Our commitment to the environment is based on three pillars: Carbon Neutral, Zero Waste and Smart City.


*1 Source: Pharmaceutical sector in Uruguay human and animal use, Uruguay XXI, 2020.
*2 Source: Uruguay XXI

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