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The park hosts over 500 companies from various industries, including leading companies with local, regional and international presence as well as the main international consulting firms. We support a business ecosystem that represents around 2% of Uruguay’s GDP and accounts for more than 40% of the country’s free trade zone exports of both goods and services.

We offer a business environment and reliable legal framework for the operation and growth of the companies established in our campus.

We provide flexible and scalable real estate solutions to facilitate the development of your company. We offer world-class buildings, offices and meeting rooms under the free zone regime and otherwise. There are also common areas that encourage networking, a diversity of dining options, a wine cellar for events, a golf driving range, a paddle tennis court, a fitness center and a running circuit, among other facilities.

Thanks to our broad portfolio of technology and connectivity services, we provide secure and efficient solutions to our clients.

We promote actions geared towards the responsible and efficient use of resources, reducing environmental impact and, above all, addressing climate change through mitigation, adaptation and neutralization measures. Our commitment to the environment is based on three pillars: Carbon Neutral, Zero Waste and Smart City.

We provide an extensive portfolio of technology and connectivity services for a safe and efficient performance of your operations.

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