Talent services

The business center that attracts and empowers talent

A collaborative and enjoyable environment decreases team turnover rates and stimulates professional growth, which in turn improves company performance.

We are focused on making work life the best work and life experience for companies and professionals.
We work to be the chosen as the place to train, work, and show the value that each one can contribute to the ecosystem and start an international career.

+7500 employees enjoy a vibrant environment and +500 companies from 14 industries have access to the best talent pool in the region.

Talent management

We connect companies and professionals. Our solutions strengthen our clients' human capital through recruitment, selection, evaluation, advice on management and the creation of motivating environments.

+80.000 CVs

+53.000 CVs

of candidates between 20 and 40 years of age

+53.000 CVs

containing work experience

+58.000 CVs

containing English language skills


We offer training programs articulated with top-level academies, universities and consultants, inspired by the needs recognized by companies and people who work with a global outlook both within the ZONAMERICA campus and in the surrounding area.



Aligned with both community and environmental needs, we create the best business climate for our clients and talent to thrive.
At the park, we offer programs and services aimed at the well-being of our community. Therefore, working life is turned into the best experience for companies and professionals.

ZONAMERICA is the place of choice to enjoy, work, study, and plan an international career.