Technology & connectivity

A platform of comprehensive, scalable and efficient business solutions tailored to the needs of each company

With a highly secure location, access to a wide range of services and state-of-the-art technology, we offer one stop solution connectivity and technology services tailored to your specific needs.

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Connected Cloud

The cloud offers a wide range of options, demanding a great deal of expertise; Therefore, we accompany you in the assembly of a digital roadmap of your journey to the cloud. We generate an environment of microservices that allow you to accelerate the digitization of your business.


We implement cybersecurity policies and tools to reduce your business' exposure to vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity encompasses all members of the organization, processes, people and technology.

IT Operation

We optimize technology resources, being a partner in the evolution of your digital services, offering customized solutions to meet your specific needs.


We streamline your operations with an Internet service that fits your business needs.


Secure and robust local datacenters strategically located to provide the best connection in Latin America.

24/7 Monitoring

Integrated monitoring center in Colombia and Uruguay which provides services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hybrid cloud + connectivity

Cloud-based services for companies to host information, corporate applications and virtual environments securely.

Virtual PCs and servers

Our clients' teams work from any location with all their tools, communications and systems, in a seamless and secure way.


We designed a digital district that optimizes the use of resources through innovative technologies.

Agile Development / Staff Augmentation

We have a highly experienced development team specialized in custom software projects.


Cybersecurity incident management, software security, ethical hacking

Digital transformation training

We deliver customized training in new technologies based on international training programs.


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