An initiative of Sabre in partnership with Google

In its quest to create enriching instances that provide valuable tools to the community and contribute to generate a more equitable and efficient work environment, Sabre, the software and technology company that drives the travel industry, held two workshops at the Celebra building in Zonamerica.

“#IamRemarkable” and “Treat Operations like a Software Problem” were the two instances promoted by Google that the company developed for the community.

The first one was held within the framework of Women in Technology, an internal Sabre community aimed to create networks to attract, develop, and keep female talent in technology positions within the company, and featured special guests from Google in the USA.

The workshop aimed to empower women and minorities, strengthen their confidence, and boost their individual potential, promoting diversity and inclusion in the professional environment.

For 90 minutes, the participants learned to recognize the value of self-knowledge within their work environments and reflected on their social perceptions.

The second meeting was focused on offering training regarding Site Reliability Engineering (SRE), a Google operational practice with over one billion users that allows to support applications and enhance IT operations at the same time.

The talk was open to the public and led by Steve Cravens, an expert with more than ten years in the IT area, and who is currently a Google Customer Engineer (CE) at Sabre.