Los incentivos del régimen de zona franca y su estabilidad y seguridad jurídica, hacen del país el lugar ideal para establecer negocios y operar con el mundo.

The incentives of the Free Trade Zone regime and its stability and legal certainty make the country the ideal place to establish business and operate with the world.
With ports to the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Colombia has a privileged location to serve different international markets.

Cali and Valle del Cauca are an axis of internationalization that concentrates 20% of the regional GDP with more than 200 multinationals installed. In recent years, Valle del Cauca has become a digital economy cluster that today has over 800 companies in the IT sector.

Cali combines quality of life with infrastructure and the connectivity necessary for the development of the technological industry.



Colombia is one of the most attractive destinations for locating global customer services, due to its high availability of qualified human talent, competitive costs, and favorable business climate.




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