Data Center Tier IV y conectividad de alto impacto


Tier IV Data Center and High-Impact Connectivity

With a secure location and access to a wide range of connectivity options and state-of-the-art technology, Zonamerica Colombia offers robust technological connectivity for companies, providing them with a set of solutions tailored to their needs.

Redundant routes and ideal connectivity with the main Telcos operators. Colocation services and remote hands.


Secure and robust local data centers strategically located to provide the best connection in Latin America.

24/7 Monitoring

Integrated monitoring center in Colombia and Uruguay with support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hybrid cloud + connectivity

Our cloud is available for businesses to securely host information, corporate applications, and virtual environments.

PCs and virtual servers

Our clients teams work from anywhere with all their tools, communications, and systems, continuously and securely.


We design a digital district that optimizes the use of resources through innovative

Agile Development/Staff Augmentation

We have a development team with expertise in custom software projects.


Cybersecurity Incident Management, Software Security, Ethical Hacking.

Digital transformation training

We provide tailor-made training in new technologies based on international training programs.

  • Cert.Uptime TierIV (Design, Construction and Operation)
  • Double electrical connection of +1.5 MVA
  • IT load 2x420kVA
  • IT area 2x300m2-2x120racks
  • Scalability - 2nd site guaranteed
  • Zube V server — Virtual server (meaning that starting from a physical computer, it is divided into several virtual servers)
  • Zube private — Private Cloud (A private cloud has the exclusive use of a customer while a public cloud shares services between different customers)
  • Zube dedicated server — Dedicated server (It is a physical device dedicated to a client)
  • Zube white brand — White Brand (Used for other companies to provide ZUBE services under their own brand using the ZUBE platform as a back of the service)
  • Zube backup — Data Backup (Refers to the ability of customers to make copies of their data on the ZUBE infrastructure with all the necessary information protection)