Autonomy, connectivity and zero emissions

From nano-satellite and microcomponent design to helicopter and spacecraft assembly. Everything that happens in Zonamerica is driven by purpose: to contribute from the sky to further improve quality of life and decision making around the world.

Uruguay, the best business climate

country in LATAM deemed to be the most democratic plena

2021, The Economist

country in LATAM with the lowest level of perceived corruption

2021, Transparency International

country in LATAM leading the Transparencyindex

2020, Transparency International

country in LATAM leading the Political Rights and Civil Liberties index

2021, Freedom House

country in LATAM leading the Global Prosperity index

2021, Legatum Institute

country in LATAM leading the Rule of Law index

2020, World Justice Project

No foreign exchange restrictions

No restrictions on the repatriation of profits

Join a regional tech hub where you can benefit from regulatory and tax incentives.

Over 40% of Uruguay's free trade zone workers are employed at Zonamerica

From Uruguay
to the Américas

Buenos Aires 1:00 HRS 24 HRS 1 DÍA
Porto Alegre 1:30 HRS 24-48 HRS 2 DÍAS
Río de Janeiro 4:00 HRS 72-96 HRS 5-6 DÍAS
São Paulo 2:30 HRS 72-96 HRS 4-5 DÍAS
Asunción 2:00 HRS 72-96 HRS 10 DÍAS
Santiago 2:30 HRS 72-96 HRS 18 DÍAS

Strategic location in Montevideo

  • International Airport 11’
  • International port 40’
  • norte
  • buenos aires
  • asunción
  • porto alegre

Certified solutions, agility guaranteed

Energy autonomy

2 UTE power stations

Independence and autonomy

Solar source

Photovoltaic power station fotovoltaicos

Energy autonomytica


En cada edificio y depósito


+300 cameras

CCTV circuit


On-site fire brigade in the park


Fire sprinkler system

Controlled temperature

Monitored sensitive stocks

Physical teams

Personnel available 24/7

Remote monitoring

Connected to your mobile devices


Inventory control

Physical and virtual


Certified interconnection HUB

Hybrid cloud

Connected to Google Services

Remote monitoring


International certifications

Flexibility and scalability guaranteed

World-class solutions to support the growth of each company include physical facilities, technological solutions and unlimited integrated services.

World-Class Offices

Business Center | Customized Office Space | Bespoke Retail Solutions | Buildings built-to-suit | In line with ESG goals

AAA Hospitality Solutions

Restaurants | Meeting Rooms | Event Management | Golf Amenities | Polo | Wellness | Paddle Tennis

Data Center

5 secure and robust local data centers. Strategically located to provide the best connection in Latin America.

Prime location

Close to Carrasco | Downtown Montevideo | Gated communities | Airport | Punta del Este

Hybrid cloud

A cloud to best serve your business. Safe and secure hosting of data, corporate applications and virtual environments

Secure connectivity

Redundant connectivity with industry-standard security levels

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